Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Boyfriend's Birthday =)
Part Two - The Cake, The Card, and The Labour Day!

okay i shall attempt not to be lazy and continue! aha~

ok, so i was thinking of getting a cake for the bf's party on saturday.. so i surfed for cakes and settled on Emicake's Chocolate Imperial!
yummy yummy! deardear's fave milk chocolate! ^^

yeap, so i msg-ed xiaomei on the sunday afternoon before to ask her whether they alrdy getting a cake or not in case end up with 2 cakes. oh and shun bian get their full address from them for the puzzle delivery! and after tuo tuo la la very long, i finally thanked their mum for sponsoring the membership card, and the two lovely sisters for sharing the price of the cake! yay! nice ppl!! =) then damei msg-ed me on monday after she heard abt the cake, and said that xiaomei also celebrating her bday early on that day then she suggested sharing the cake b/w just the two of us. yay! so the pretty pretty cake got both their names! wheee! =D but i didn't take photos on saturday so they are all with deardear n family/friends. so yeap..
[yea realise the cake ordering frenzy happened concurrently with the puzzle design frenzy. so i was quite blur and high on sunday hahaa]

ok then i was all the while planning to make a card for deardear too, to give him on thursday, his actual bday day. then i was quite disappointed that couldn't put the matchmaker photo into the puzzle, so i decided to make a card with photos too! then can put the matchmakers' photos inside!! wahaha. yeap so after packing up in hall on wednesday after the last paper and waiting for my gorgor to fetch me, then reaching home at 11+ for dinner, bathing and chatting with deardear...i finally started making the card past 2am! o_o yeap, it turned out to be really nice! just basically looks like a booklet then got our photos make up a very funny story abt us! hehe. but i didn't take any photos coz it was like 4am liao so i plonked into my bed. hahaa then i showed deardear i got sth inside my bag for him when i met him the next morning! wahaha then i was like "haiya. nvm la. end of the day then give you la. you got no bag to carry anyway!" haha then i was given the OI! treatment. so just give him lor. yay! so nice!! but of coz like me, he forgot to take photos. lol.

yay! then we went to bugis, coz initially i wanted to get stuff from bras basah. but after we ate at the market there, and walked all the way back to bugis junction, we were too uber hot. so i postponed the bras basah trip to another day, which means we went to bugis for nothing! lol. but got deardear with me so nothing is wasted!! ^^


then we headed to vivo to watch Forbidden Kingdom! which i think the story line was great, but like ernie said, the sun wukong and yu wang da di conversed in english! -_-''' so it was a bit weird.. ahah coz they even talk chinese philosophy in english! *pengz* hahaa.. and we oggled at the girl together! yay! -_-''' lol.

DINNER!! i tell you.. i source for nice restaurant for i think more than a wk ok! obviously i zoomed in on japanese food straight away coz of the bf's strange love for salmon, salmon, and salmon. his eyes shine brighter when julyn talk to him about salmon, then talk to him about me!! =((( haha~ ok back to the point.. initially i was thinking of Kuishinbo or Sushi Tei or Ichiban Boshi, coz everybody said they were nice! but then i thought of bobo and her Sun With Moon craze~ haha so i decided to check out food blogs and reviews! seeee i got do homework de!! ^^ yeap so uhh i shall not talk so much abt what the bloggers have to talk about other restaurants.. but in the end i decided on Sun With Moon, coz they said it served the most quality and authentic japanese food! omg. that was like the best choice i made for that day!! -drools-

so i didn't tell him where we were going for dinner coz it was meant to be a surprise. so when we arrived at Central, and walked past the toilet....
Me: (points excitedly) HEY! this is the place i reserved for dinner leh!!
The Irritating Boyfriend: (in cannot-tell-is-mock excitement) ISSIT!!? i tried to reserve before also leh! but i called them up, and they scold me SIAO!!


hahaa~ ok let's look at the food instead..

Red Breeze! it's actually cranberry juice + watermelon (the pulp!) + lime + mint leaves!
ok i know it looks like tomato juice with seeds and leaves..but it's really very very gooood! it's very thirst quenching for one thing, and it's slightly sour but well masked by the sweetness of the watermelon, then got the cooling minty feeling! wooohooooo! fusion leh~ drink liao can fly! hahaa..

salmon sashimi!! ok this is the thing that convinced me that salmon can be good.
haha! if you know me well, you'll know after i tried some horrible tasting raw fish when i was young, i nv touched raw fish again until i met a love-salmon-more-than-love-gf-de-bf, and gorged down lots of salmon while trying to make sushi for vday! so obviously it's the bf's bday and he's the boss, so i insisted that he must order salmon sashimi and that i would eat with him. haha so when the salmon came, i stared hard trying not to show my hesitance at the big fat slices of raw fish surrounded by ice and lemon. so i just grabbed a slice and dipped it into the soy sauce, shoved it into my mouth, determined to get over with it. and then.....i melted. ahhhhhhhh!! it's SO GOOD LAH. haha can really tell it's premium quality! and even the soy sauce is extraordinarily nice! omg. hahaa i know the soy sauce part sounds silly, but really!! ^^ yay so i fall in love with certain types of salmon after that day. yay! =p

Rainbow Roll! which is basically sushi with uhh mango and i-forgot-what! haha.
but it's like the nicest sushi i've ever tasted!! you know how when you eat sushi, the rice usually just serve to pei the ingredients.. but this sushi is made in such a way that the rice fuses with the ingredients, and you taste everything as if you remove the rice, it wouldn't taste as nice anymore!!! this is like my fav for the night!! hahaaa.. really good! -melts all over again- ^^

Agadeshi Tofu!! it's the classic japanese fried tofu..
but again, it's the best i've ever tasted! ahhhhhhhhh!!! ^^ how come they can even manage to find premium quality when it comes to tofu!! ahahahaa!~ im so impressed! lol.

I-Forgot-What's-Your-Name! hahaa. it's basically scallops and golden mushrooms wrapped in beef..
ok basically from this dish onwards we finally rmb-ed to take photo before eating!! (didn't you realise the last few photos were all half-eaten?) hahaa. and i feel most ke xi about this dish coz deardear and i were giap-ing it for each other. and i dipped his with alot of the yellow-looking sauce and dunk it onto his plate. but he didn't notice the yellow sauce and giap liao straightaway put on my plate. then i protested violently, and he quickly dipped LOTS of yellow sauce for me before dumping on my plate. *itadakimas!* first bite of the scallop was omg! bite again.....WASABI!!!!!! omg. -faints- i almost vommited and downed lots and lots and lots of water. sadly, the rest of the beef-wrapped scallop had to be finished by deardear =( so i only get to eat the beef-wrapped mushrooms, which was really good too, just that i think the scallop was nicer(minus the wasabi!) =[

ok so actually, the food was all made of premium quality ingredients, quality over quantity. in other words, the serving was very small. hahaa. quotes deardear "wah really very nice leh. i feel like im some gourmet, tasting all the different nice food instead of filling up my tummy" hahaa. so we ordered more to fill up our tummies. and coz the first experience with sushi was good, we decided on more sushi before dessert! ^^

California Roll! ta-dah! the classic must-have sushi!! ^^
it's really as great as the Rainbow Roll!! ahhh got the fusion feeling all over again!! ^^ i really loveeeeee their sushi!! remind me to MUST EAT the sushi if i ever go there again! ^^

Tofu Cheesecake! the boyfriend and i fancies cheesecake! so we ordered this dessert. and it actually came, covered up with a bird cage! wahaha so funny. i wanted to take photo, but the waitress took it up once she settled down the plate. ahhh~ nwae....
IT'S REALLY GOOD!!!!!! it totally melts in your mouth!! -drools- once again, you know i'm going to say the cheese is of premium quality!! wahaha. yeap. tts one of my fav of the day too! ^^

Dessert Box. it's 4 assorted desserts inside that changes randomly daily.
this was the only thing that went wrong during dinner. -_-''' the chocolate icecream tasted like normal neighbourhood icecream, the mango roll didn't taste like mango, the matcha cake had green tea powder sprinkled all above it which tasted *shivers*, and the fruits is just..well, fruits. and obviously $10 is way overpriced. -thumbs very very down- haha~

yeap so after the uber overly satisfied dinner, we walked ard clarke quay(again. haha we always end up strolling along clarke quay! =p).. then asked this friendly vietnamnese to take our first photo of the day! ahaaa..

and on the way home, i decided one photo wasn't enough...

this photo is funny.. coz i look so overly enthu posing, and he looked so overly bored. hahaha! my stupid deardear! always do such thing to me!! -sticks out tongue-

hehe. yay! that was the end of our very long and happy labour day!! ^^ happy birthday deardear! I LOVE YOU! =)

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